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Westford, MA - Like a long-running Broadway show, June and Bruce Beauchesne are turning over their “hit” Laser Services Inc.

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Westford, MA - Like a long-running Broadway show, June and Bruce Beauchesne are turning over their “hit” Laser Services Inc. (www.lsi-ma.com) to a new lead couple Marie and Greg Sexton. It’s a bittersweet parting for June and Bruce (see ILS October 2006), who built LSI from an idea to one of the industry’s most highly respected laser job shops. As June tells ILS, “Many times we were asked how a husband-and-wife team can work together successfully. Our formula was to each address our individual strengths and talents in the business. We divided responsibilities on this basis, and major decisions were done jointly or deferred to the person having the most experience in a given area. Our success in working as a team has also extended to our valued employees who have become our extended family. Our low employee turnover has enriched the company through their many years of experience and dedication.”

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The Beauchesnes (right) turn over Laser Services Inc. to the Sextons (left).
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Reflecting on his almost 40 years in laser materials processing, Bruce told us, “I started my laser career in 1968 working for Spacerays in Burlington, Mass. on such diverse tasks as drilling parts for jet engines to bouncing laser beams off a retroreflector on the moon. In the early days, we were not only selling we were educating users to the advantages of laser processing. My satisfaction has always been in doing the impossible and fabricating high-quality parts. To this day I’m thrilled at the sight of a beautifully cut intricate part, a crisp exquisite logo, or a shiny, uniform microweld.

New owner Greg Sexton says, “The Beauchesne’s have a lot to be proud of and have done a tremendous job building and nurturing Laser Services. The company has built its outstanding reputation in the industry by focusing on the customer and working with them to ensure their needs are met. The amount of repeat customer business indicates just how successful they have been. Also key to the success of Laser Services has been the team of dedicated employees who pitch in to ensure jobs are completed on time and to the customers’ standards. There is truly a wonderful family of people working here at Laser Services.”

Marie Sexton, most recently a stay-at-home mom, is looking forward to getting back to the workplace. Her previous experience is in finance. Like June Beauchesne, she will focus on this side of the business. Greg Sexton has 25 years experience in the aerospace industry and has an MBA and a Bachelor of Engineering.

The Sextons plan on continuing the current operation, upgrading the existing lasers, and expanding their capabilities. Several system improvements have already been planned and are in the process of being implemented.

June and Bruce will ease the transition for the Sextons and then, according to Bruce, truly retire to pursue travel and other leisure activities long set aside as they built the Laser Services business. ILS wishes them well and welcomes the Sextons to the job shop world.-DAB

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