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Diode lasers

The first available DuraLite product from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) is an 810nm, 50W bar, an environmentally sealed and lensed conduction-cooled package. According to the company, DuraLite features a combination of high-power output and reliability based on a proven design.

Th 150704
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The device is housed in a sealed package to prevent contamination, and it is mounted on an industry-standard, conduction-cooled platform for ease of integration. The product also features several die attach enhancements, resulting in long, reliable operation. Typical drive current and compliance voltage for the 50W device is less than 63 amperes and less than 1.8 volts. Spectral width is less than 4.0 nm, FWHM. The diode lasers are MBE-grown and feature an aluminum-free active area design.

Green lasers

New from Photonic Products Ltd. (Bishops Stortford, UK), the 532nm DPSS green laser diode modules produce a highly visible circular output beam of less than 2.0mm diameter with beam divergence of less than 2.0 mrad. Output powers of 0.9mW and 4mW are available with a maximum operating current of 250 mA. Power stability is better than five percent over seven hours. Digital modulation capability of 0-1kHz is standard.

Line generator options are available.

Dual-cavity lasers

Dual-cavity pulsed Nd:YAG lasers from VioSense Corp. (Pasadena, CA) are used for particle image velocimetry. The LABest PIV lasers are rated up to 1 Joule per pulse and are built using an integrated aluminum housing for strength and rigidity. An integrated beam delivery arm couples the beam to light sheet and light volume optics. Beam alignment is carried out from outside the laser housing.

Metal marking laser

The firestar t100 from Synrad Inc. (Mukilteo, WA) is a small footprint, 100W laser that is available in both air- and water-cooled versions. According to the company, the product provides excellent beam quality with fast rise (better than 75 ms) and fall times, making it ideally suited for applications where fast scanning and effectively delivered power density is required. Other available power levels include 60 and 80 watts.

Wafer dicer

The IX-300 ChromaDice UV-DPSS laser wafer dicing system from JPSA Laser (Hollis, NH) is now offered with an upgraded air-bearing stage that provides higher speed and acceleration in addition to greater travel for up to six-inch wafers. The system is also available with either 355nm or 266nm high-power, short-pulse UV lasers for high-speed, high-yield processing of sapphire, silicon and GaAs wafers, as well as other materials. An upgraded diode laser wafer detector is available for all wafer types. This detector module interfaces with the new motion control system.

Uniform illumination source

Spectra-Physics (Stratford, CT) has released the Oriel Uniform Illumination Source. This arc lamp system delivers a 1.0-inch diameter collimated beam, uniform to +/-5 percent. Beam divergence is +/-1.5 degrees. Various dichroic filters are available to shape the spectral output in the UV and VIS, and different irradiance levels are possible by interchanging lamps.

Rack-mount displays

MRH rack-mount LCD displays from CyberResearch Inc. (Branford, CT) are designed for factory use. The MRH 19B puts a 19-inch display with optional touchscreen into a standard 19-inch rack, yet its 3.1-inch depth behind panel leaves space in the rack. Aluminum front panels and steel chassis are built for the shop floor. The displays accept standard VGA input and provide 250 nits of brightness with 16.7M colors and resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Compressed air filter

Kaeser's (Fredericksburg, VA) compressed air filters are designed with housings that have larger flow areas to ensure low pressure drop and to provide easy installation, operation, and maintenance. The filter element is manufactured using a superior matrix blended fiber that causes a consistent pore size within the media. A 96+ percent void space minimizes pressure drop, while maintaining high capture rates and filtration efficiencies across a range of flows, 20 scfm to 21,250 scfm.

Alignment system

The Microgage Flatness Kit from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA) consists of a laser transmitter mounted on a precision base that can swing the laser reference beam through a flat plane. A digital receiver is placed on the surface to be measured and the handheld display provides a reading of the height of the surface relative to the laser beam. Users can quickly monitor flat moving surfaces, precision machine slides, and X-Y stage travel.

Guideway modules

The Minimodule from Schneeberger Inc. (Bedford, MA) is a compact, linear guidance system with a miniature ball gideway and tooth belt drive. The integrated design enables minimized overall dimensions of the module, resulting in a minimum height of 16mm. Both the rail and carriage are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel as is the main structure of the modules.

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