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Five-axis laser

Th 114988
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The VZ2 from Mitsubishi Laser division of MC Machinery Systems (Wood Dale, IL) features an offset head design that, according to the manufacturer, gives the machine more fabricating flexibility. Increased stroke and mounting weight enables greater workpiece versatility and size. This latest version of the company's three-dimensional VZ series also features software and programming enhancements that enable both 2D-to-3D and 3D-to-2D program conversion.

The offset head is compatible with tall and deep-formed workpieces. The rotation axis (C-axis) shifts from the processing point; thus, the workpiece does not interfere with the Z-axis. Reportedly, the non-electrostatic head eliminates the interference range, and the optional welding head expands the flexibility of the machine tool. The increased table mounting weight can hold up to 2000 Kg on the 3122 models. The LC20T control can convert from offset to zero-offset and also offers two-point-to-three-point arc conversion.
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Laser processing systems

The JK401 and JK501 laser processing systems from GSI Lumonics Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) are designed for industrial precision welding and high-speed cutting of metallic materials. The systems offer a combination of 400W or 500W peak power, beam quality and efficiency, which, the company says, is enhanced by its patent-pending laser power SuperModulation technology. SuperModulation momentarily doubles the laser's output intensity.
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Diode-pumped laser

The DC series of air-cooled, diode-pumped, harmonic solid-state Q-switched lasers from Photonics Industries International Inc. (Bohemia, NY) offer a compact, hands-free system with long-term stability. The series address low-power applications in the infrared (1053/..1064nm), green (527/532nm), UV (351/355nm) and deep UV (263/.266nm) wavelengths with output power from 50mW to 500mW @ 355nm, 20mW to 200mW @ 266nm and 100mW to 1000mW @ 532 nm. This series delivers TEM00 beam mode quality with M2 <1.1.
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Extraction arms online

Dust and fume extraction arms from Purex International (South Yorkshire, UK) are available from the company website A variety of arms, nozzles, cowls and connections are available depending on the application. The website shows full technical details and prices. The range includes 25, 38 and 100mm flexible arms, plenum extraction chambers and Cleancabs. Of particular interest are the 54mm multi-position arms, which feature a patented joint design to ensure reliable positioning.
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Miniature laser sensor

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The World-Beam QS18LE Series laser emitters from Banner Engineering Corp. (Minneapolis, MN) are designed for use as a DC-power laser pointer in an industrial housing as well as the emitter half of an opposed mode sensor pair. Paired with a photoelectric receiver, the product is a cost-effective opposed mode sensing solution. The QS18LE's output is modulated to give the laser long life and keep the power band it emits accurate. As a pointer, the product provides five different beam shapes, including small spot, circle, vertical line, horizontal line and cross.
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Safety eyewear

Directed Light Inc. (San Jose, CA) offers a range of Uvex laser safety eyewear with optical densities from OD1 to OD7, which also provide protection against irradiance. The glasses can be either regular or prescription and come in a variety of frame styles, including over-glasses styles. All glasses conform to ANSI Z136.1 and EN (European Norms) guidelines for protection from laser light. The company also offers acrylic safety windows for protection from a variety of wavelengths. These windows are used in workstations or facilities where process viewing is important.
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