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Cutting system

Th 124067
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The Lightning High Dynamic Laser System from Salvagnini America Inc. (Hamilton, OH) is the focus of a cutting and processing system designed to take advantage of the enhanced cutting speeds attainable with the newest generation of laser sources. The Lightning uses the Rofin SLAB series laser to attain cutting speed up to 11,800 ipm in X-Y axes. It is managed by the MicroMach controller and features tight, integrated control of the laser processing and system manipulation. The system cuts maximum sheet sizes of 120 in × 60 in × 1600 lbs and maximum sheet thickness of 3/4-in mild steel.
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Power probe

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Available from Directed Light (San Jose, CA), LaserPoint's Cronos is an automatic laser power probe that calculates laser power by microprocessor-based measurement of temperature dynamics. The product features a large multifunction LCD, which displays power, accuracy and wavelength of calibration. It is available in three models, covering multiple wavelengths and full-scale powers of 1.5kW, 5kW and 10kW. Repeatability is ±2 percent and accuracy is ±4 percent. Two AA batteries provide power for 5000 measurements.
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Phosphor-coated CCD camera

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New from Spiricon Inc. (Logan, UT), the STC-700-1550 incorporates a 2/3-inch format CCD for telecom beams that do not fit on the 1/2-in format SP-1550M. The phosphor coating up-converts NIR telecom wavelengths to visible wavelengths detectable by the CCD. The camera is used for beam profiling NIR telecom devices and eye-safe rangefinders in the 1460nm to 1625nm range. This includes the output of optical fibers, diode lasers, LEDs and VCSELs. It also profiles NIR lasers such as optical parametric oscillators.
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