XY alignment stage

The AU200-50x50-SC XY alignment stage has utility in laser drilling, among other applications.

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The AU200-50x50-SC XY alignment stage from Optimal Engineering Systems (OES; Van Nuys, CA) has utility in alignment, assembly, laser drilling, machining, medical, industrial, semiconductor handling, testing, scanning, and optical applications. Linear travel of its X and Y axes is 50 × 50 mm, the resolution of each axis is 5 μm (non-micro-step) or 0.125 μm (with 20 micro-steps per step motor driver in use), repeatability is 1.5 μm, and positional accuracy is 5 μm. Its XY table measures 155 × 155 mm, and features a precision pattern of drilled and threaded mounting holes to facilitate addition of tooling or fixtures.

For more information, please visit www.oesincorp.com.

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