Jenoptik Group wins new photovoltaics customer in Asia

The four-system order addresses the important steps in the entire manufacturing process of thin-film solar cells.

The Jenoptik Lasers division is continuing to strengthen its market presence as a supplier of production systems for the photovoltaic industry and wins a new customer in the Asian growth market.

The order to JENOPTIK Automatisierungstechnik GmbH comprises a total of four systems. With these, Jenoptik is equipping important steps in the entire manufacturing process of thin-film solar cells to the Taiwanese manufacturer. The customer is active in the renewable energies field and specializes in energy-saving lighting and photovoltaic modules. Its new production line is the first step in an expansion of manufacturing capacity to 350 MW per year in the medium term. The targeted unique production technology has considerable potential to reduce the manufacturing costs of solar modules.

Jenoptik is equipping the new production line with all systems required for the structuring processes and laser edge deletion. The system for laser edge deletion will additionally be fitted with functionality for selective deletion of the bus bar vias and for the first time also with a laser drilling unit for the junction boxes. This novel process replaces mechanically drilled holes with the advantages typical for laser processes - faster and cleaner production in comparison with mechanical-contacting processes. The systems will be delivered in autumn this year.

With the new order, the Jenoptik Group is expanding its presence in Asia and continuing to position itself as a supplier of highly productive laser processing machines for production lines for the photovoltaic industry, in particular the manufacture of thin-film solar cells. Jenoptik received the order on the basis of its extensive experience in equipment for manufacturing processes, especially of thin-film technology.The solar module comprises several wafer-thin layers applied on a backing material. After application of each layer, high-precision structuring lines are scribed into the micrometer-thin layers. This process is carried out using JENOPTIK-VOTANTM Solas systems. A specially adapted technology is used for each structuring process. Depending on the layer system, these include line ablation with laser for the base metal layer or mechanical line ablation for the semiconductor and metal oxide layers. However, lasers are used for edge deletion and drilling for the junctions.

In addition to new solutions for crystalline solar cells, the Jenoptik Group will be presenting its comprehensive expertise in the area of processing thin-film solar modules from next Monday at the "Laser - World of Photonics" trade fair in Munich, at the Jenoptik Stand 311 in Hall C2.

To download the ILS Editorial Guide on lasers in photovoltaics manufacturing, click here.

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