Laser drilling and routing service launches

Fiat Lux now open offers laser drilling and routing services on its Flex 5330 laser drilling system

Fiat Lux Inc. of Hillsboro, Oregon, is now open for business, offering laser drilling and routing services on its Flex 5330 laser drilling system from ESI. This high-powered laser, with its fourth generation beam positioner, provides 2000 points per second capability and can create vias as small as 1 mil.

The laser service is ideal for companies who want to compete in HDI technology without having to first capitalize this equipment.

In today's tough economic climate strategic use of an outside service can mean the difference between capturing a sale or losing it. The type of outside service makes a clear difference. The Flex 5330 laser drilling system at Fiat Lux incorporates a high-power diode-pumped laser and optical system designed to meet the needs of the flex industry and can cut copper clad dielectrics with rates up to 15,000 vias per minute.

Already own one or more lasers? Fiat Lux provides an option for you to maintain delivery integrity and quality when demand for microvia drilling or routing surges. This can save thousands of dollars and keep your customer satisfied with your performance. The same is true if one or more of your lasers are down for service. No need to be late on delivery or have expensive work-in-process backed up in manufacturing.

A website and other services are planned for the near future.

For further information or to see how Fiat Lux can support your current laser requirements, contact Dale Baird at 408-858-0130 (Cell).

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