Sliver of light XII: Aerospace manufacturer buys 3D system for laser drilling

A 6-axis Laserdyne 795 laser system is destined for Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing Co. LTD in Chengdu, China. This system will be equipped with a CP 4000 CO2 laser produced by Convergent Lasers

Prima North America Inc. announced that a 6-axis Laserdyne 795 laser system is destined for Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing Co. LTD (CA) located in Chengdu, China. This system, which is expected to be delivered in the second quarter, will be equipped with a CP 4000 CO2 laser produced by Convergent Lasers, also a brand of Prima North America.

Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing (CA) is the first Chinese aviation industry joint venture and currently has over 200 employees. It was established in 1996 with the Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies Corporation. The company's primary focus is the manufacture of sheet metal and machined components for commercial aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. Its stated mission is to be the world's best manufacturer of complex aerospace and gas-turbine components.

Terry L. VanderWert, president of Prima North America, announced the sale saying, "This is the 296th multi-axis laser system Laserdyne has sold to leading aerospace manufacturers, and the 355th system sold overall worldwide. This system will not only expand CA's capacity for laser drilling, but it also demonstrates a commitment to utilizing the latest laser system technology. The partnership Laserdyne has established with CA is one in which we will work together to meet the needs of the aerospace industry in manufacturing the next generation of aircraft components. We will be assisted by the Prima Industrie – China organization which will be responsible for ongoing local technical support."

VanderWert said the order includes both the supply of a turnkey 6-axis laser system and the essential training in laser processing, part program development, and training in system maintenance.

"This is CA's first laser system. The laser process and part program training will be under the direction of Peter Thompson, technical director for Laserdyne Systems," reported VanderWert. "Mr. Thompson will guide the training and development of CA engineers to insure maximum utilization of the next generation of Laserdyne hardware and software features, and will oversee all facets of system use to insure maximum productivity. This dual approach - providing an innovative laser system together with essential training of process engineers - will ensure that customers derive the full productivity and reliability of their Laserdyne systems and that they are, in a word, successful."

CA's Laserdyne 795 system is equipped with Laserdyne's latest and most innovative system controller, the S94P. The system includes a full complement of Laserdyne hardware and software features such as the patented Automatic Focus Control (AFC) and SPC Data Acquisition software, which is increasingly used to capture processing data used in NADCAP reports.

"CA's commitment to Laserdyne technology is an example of another leading global aerospace company's positive evaluation of Laserdyne Systems technology and the direction that Prima North America is headed," stated VanderWert. "Laserdyne's latest software and hardware, which includes the joint inter-company Convergent Lasers CL50k, together with the innovative concept of At Focus Drilling, Laserdyne's exclusive Hole Diameter Compensation software, and emerging Shaped Hole Process developments will be important to the future success for all manufacturers of turbine engine components. We are proud of our tradition of providing innovative and productive solutions to real world problems. We will maintain our position as the world leader in precision laser processing by providing our customers the tools they require. When you are a Laserdyne customer you can rely on support and innovation."

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