Winbro sets record for orders

Winbro Group Technologies has secured orders for 15 new multi-axis laser drilling machines in the first quarter 2012 valued at over $11.0 million, attributed to growing demand for cooling hole technology used in turbine engines.

Rock Hill, South Carolina - Winbro Group Technologies, a maker of cooling hole technology for aero and land-based turbine engines, supplying laser, high speed EDM and combination (laser & EDM) turnkey machining systems, has secured orders for 15 new multi-axis drilling machines in the first quarter 2012, valued at over $11.0 million. This record-breaking achievement includes orders from customers in Europe, USA and Asia.

The company's Advanced Machining facilities in Coalville, UK and its newer site in South Carolina have both seen significant growth, as turbine manufacturers use Winbro's component production resource to keep pace with demand, according to Winbro managing director Robert Folwell. "This is a significant milestone for Winbro, which further reinforces confidence that the demands for our technology and machining capability will continue to expand throughout 2012."

This year will also see the imminent launch of the LaseDrill 800, first in the new family of the Series 800 machines. This new generation of Laser and Fast Hole EDM machines from Winbro, based on a common platform and Siemens 840 control, will deliver the ultimate in high speed, high acceleration (1.5g) and high throughput for production of cooling holes in Aero and IGT turbine components.

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