Femtosecond laser with increased mean power

Trumpf is presenting a new TruMicro 5070 Femto Edition laser with increased mean power at SPIE Photonics West 2014.

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Ditzingen, Germany - Trumpf's new TruMicro 5070 Femto Edition offers pulse duration of 800 ± 200 femtoseconds and pulse energy as high as 200 µJ. The repetition rates are at 400 and 600 kilohertz. The new femtosecond laser does its work with 80 W of mean power.

Similar to the TruMicro 5050 Femto Edition, the new ultrashort pulse laser is based on the TruMicro 5000 Series and thus offers unconditional suitability for industrial use, without downtimes or variations in the results of processing, even when running in a three-shift operation.

Patented controls monitor each individual pulse and keep the power and pulse energy at exactly the required level, regardless of any outside influences. This is done by implementing a patented double feedback loop. This guarantees that the power impinging on the workpiece is at exactly the predetermined level. The pulse duration and beam quality are kept constant, as well. As is usual in the TruMicro Series, beam quality is an M2 of less than 1.3.

The TruMicro 5070 Femto Edition is useful for three-shift production in the microchip and electronics industry and in medical technology. Initial applications include drilling holes in circuit boards and processing polymers to be used as medical implants.


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