UV laser for micromachining

Trumpf is premiering the TruMicro 3340 nanosecond laser at SPIE Photonics West 2014.

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Ditzingen, GermanyTrumpf is showing the new TruMicro 3340 for the first time at SPIE Photonics West 2014. With this new design, the laser manufacturer is now offering a version of the nanosecond laser operating in the ultraviolet spectrum that can be used for drilling microvias in circuit boards – with a diameter of less than 50 microns.

The TruMicro 3340, a disk laser, is resistant to reflections from the copper tracks when drilling contacts. At a mean output of 20 W and 400 microjoules of pulse energy, the UV laser lays a reliable foundation for highly productive manufacturing. The TruMicro 3340 can manufacture at lower repetition rates of about 50 kHz. The 343-nm wavelength and the pulse width of less than 10 ns ensure gentle processing of the materials. Both thermal and mechanical strains in the material being worked are virtually eliminated.

The degradation of the UV crystal, normally a critical problem with UV lasers, is countered by Trumpf with a sophisticated service concept. The TruMicro 3340 is fitted with an enclosed module containing the UV crystal. The customer can replace this module without having to observe clean room conditions. This ensures that replacing exhausted crystals is quick and trouble-free.

Photo: Trumpf
The TruMicro 3340 UV laser supplements the range of lasers Trumpf offers for micromachining. This nanosecond laser permits quality machining and high productivity, making it an ideal tool for the electronics industry also for the cutting of display glass.

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