Laser systems sharpen quality of perforated products

Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems has purchased a Jenoptik–Votan, A Classic system with special sensors that prevent premature severing of air bag tear lines.

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Jena, Germany - China's auto industry is booming, and one company faced with the challenge of keeping up is Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co. Ltd. Founded in 1997, Yanfeng develops and manufactures a wide range of interior trim components, including dashboards, cockpit systems, and consoles.

The company, the biggest interior/exterior supplier in China, operates plants in Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing, Shenyang, Yantai, Ningbo, Yizheng, and Wuhan, and its main customers are Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, Chang'an Ford and SAIC Motor.

Following its customers’ lead, Yanfeng increasingly focuses on improving product quality while increasing volume. One way the company does this is with laser perforating systems that are used to create concealed predetermined breaking points in dashboards for passenger and knee air bags. Known as air bag flaps, these points are basically tear lines where the air bag breaks through upon impact.

The challenge for the company is making sure the laser energy weakens the material without completely severing it. To master this challenge, the company purchased the Jenoptik –Votan, A Classic system from Jenoptik because it features special sensors that prevent severing. The system quickly and reliably processes single or multilayer materials and decorative layers made from plastic, textiles and leather. Perforation settings (hole type, spacing and shape) are variable and can be easily adjusted according to the material being treated.

The system is also available in a compact version. Both models can be used for air bag covers in door trims and passenger modules, steering wheel caps for driver air bags and interior trim parts that hold integrated side and thorax air bags. The systems are flexible, can easily handle different products, treat compounds and PVC-containing materials, and can perform additional edge or functional trimming. The cost efficient Compact PP with a reduced laser power is suitable only for single-layer materials and therefore dashboards in the low to medium price segment.

User-friendly capabilities include documenting specific production parameters online and storing them for future use.

Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems uses the Jenoptik-Votan A laser perforating system to create concealed predetermined breaking points in dashboards for passenger and knee air bags.

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