PowerDrill workshop at SAUER LASERTEC

On October 9 SAUER LASERTEC in Kempten organized its third workshop on laser drilling.

In the morning session Richerd Baxter and Friedemann Lell gave presentations on laser drilling in general and on the special features of LASERTEC PowerDrill system built by SAUER. At the end of the morning session Dr. Mark Geisel from MTU reported about MTU's experience in working together with SAUER to develop new laser systems concepts that meet the increasing demand of the gas turbine industry for laser drilled holes. Main topics are drilling of fan-shaped holes in blades and vanes and drilling of coated components.

PRIMA North America, Inc., the North American subsidiary of PRIMA INDUSTRIES S.p.A., Torino, Italy, a manufacturer of industrial laser systems, has announced the appointment of Bruce C. Polson to the position of Western Regional Sales Manager in the US for LASERDYNE SYSTEMS.

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