FABTECH/AWS Welding Show a resounding success

Based on wide ranging interviews with companies exhibiting industrial laser products and services, we've concluded that FABTECH/AWS Welding Show was a resounding success.

Admittedly we heard that "all bets may be off on Monday" if the world economies take a "big hit," but most of those we spoke to agreed that this was beyond their control and that only a severely dampened manufacturing economy would effect their view of next year's business prospects. The most negative comment we heard was that business next year might be flat. We did not receive any comment about the market turning negative.

On October 9 SAUER LASERTEC in Kempten organized its third workshop on laser drilling. As member of the DMG Group of companies SAUER is manufacturing complete laser work centers for laser fine cutting and laser drilling. While the topic of the workshop was laser drilling, the attendees were mainly from the gas turbine industry.

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