Laser drilling micro holes

Advanced Laser Technologies' laser drilling produces precisely contoured, distortion- and stress-free holes.

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Stoneham, MA - Advanced Laser Technologies provides custom laser drilling services specializing in the fabrication of precise components requiring micro-holes that meet critical specifications.

The ALT Micro-Hole Drilling Service produces distortion- and stress-free holes as small as 0.010-in. dia. with +/-0.0005-in. tolerance, depending upon the material, thickness and configuration. Suitable for fabricating components where hole angles and the resulting airflow or fluid flows are critical, laser micro-hole drilling permits exact repeatability.

The service, for use on nickel alloys, Inconel, stainless steel, and similar materials, is approved by General Electric for laser cutting /drilling and airflow per P17TF2, P1TF78, P1TF10, ANSI-Z136.1, S-422 and E50TF217. The service is AS9100 certified and NADCAP approved for laser cutting/drilling and has achieved Merit Supplier Status.

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