Picosecond laser

Coherent introduces the New Talisker HE picosecond laser with high energy pulses for thicker materials.

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Santa Clara, CA - The new Talisker HE Series from Coherent offers high energy pulses for use with thicker materials for applications such as laser drilling, cutting, and scribing. This industrial ultrafast laser is suited for high-throughput, precision materials processing in the automotive, biomedical, consumer electronics, mobile display, and 3D semiconductor industries.

Picosecond lasers are established in a range of markets and applications. Their extreme high peak power pulses instantly ablate work-piece materials, leaving a cleanly machined area that does not require a post process clean. Picosecond lasers are useful for routine processing such as cutting, drilling, patterning or engraving. They are particularly well suited to removal of thin film coatings, without substrate damage. Virtually every advanced material can be machined to a state-of-the-art quality with the appropriate wavelength selection. Talisker is perfectly suited to machining metal, plastic, glass and semiconductors.

The picosecond lasers are available with a choice of output options: 200 µJ pulse energy in the near-IR, 120 µJ per pulse in the green, and 40 µJ pulse energy in the UV. The Talisker has been designed for low cost of ownership processing with the minimal need for field service intervention. The modular design allows key components to be upgraded at the end user site.

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