Packaging company invests in laser scoring system and extruder

African company Nampack Flexible has purchased a Rofin Baasel microlaser perforation system and a Windmoller & Holscher co-ex film extruder to enhance competitive edge.

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Pinetown, South Africa - Nampack Flexible, an African flexible packaging company, has invested in a laser scoring machine and a seven-layer co-ex film extruder. These strategic investments enhance Nampack's competitive edge and ensure that products have improved speed to market.

The company invested in a Rofin Baaselmicrolaser perforation system, which allows for easy opening of pouches, stick-packs, and sachets. Flexible packaging film structures vary dependent on the product requirements, and the complexity of these structures often makes ease of opening a challenge. The introduction of laser perforation and scribing helps address this problem.

With a hole diameter from 50 µm to >300 µm, the system can puncture up to one million holes/second. The laser technology ensures a non-contact processing tool with minimum thermal influence on the film. There is also constant depth of laser on the scribing/scoring line, and scoring may be set to however many layers are required, e.g., two layers for a four-layer laminate, without damaging the barrier of the packaging structure.

The new Windmöller & Hölscher (Lengerich, Germany) seven-layer co-ex machine is the first in sub-Saharan Africa and the most advanced machine of its kind in Africa. It can use high-barrier film, which is environmentally friendly. The film is recyclable compared to the existing multilayered barrier structures. Also, its gauge can be optimized to provide better packaging.

"These two investments by Nampak Flexible in new technology open up huge possibilities within the flexible packaging industry in South Africa and ensure opportunities for growth across Africa," said Nampak Flexible managing director Clinton Farndell.


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