UV laser drilling system

ESI's model 5335 system handles flexible circuit and interconnect processing.

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Portland, OR - Electro Scientific Industries Inc. (ESI) has released its model 5335 UV laser drilling system. As successor to the 5330 product family, the 5335 benefits from more than 15 years of market experience and R&D efforts to deliver a low cost of ownership in flexible circuit and general laser micromachining applications through improved throughput and quality.

The 5335 uses proprietary Third Dynamics™ technology, with which the system provides enhanced optical beam manipulation beyond what is achievable with simple galvanometer control. Third Dynamics enables laser drilling, routing, and skiving performance through a combination of ESI's patented compound beam positioning and solid-state optical technologies.

The 5335's patented solid-state beam steering technologies, advanced motion control algorithms, and sophisticated power control processes enable gains in throughput and quality. Martin Orrick, director of product development for ESI's Micromachining, Test and Inspection division, said that the 5335 represents the seventh generation in ESI's single-head UV laser drilling tools.

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