Bundled micro-drilling system

Raydiance's R-Drill 200 drills and mills features to exact specifications in a single process.

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Petaluma, CA - Raydiance has introduced its R-Drill 200 bundled micro-drilling solution that drills and mills features to exact specifications in a single process.

The R-Drill harnesses the power of true athermal ultrafast laser processing to machine any material, conductive or nonconductive, hard metal or flexible polymer, to submicron dimensions with no post-processing or consumables involved.

Micromachining has emerged as a critical factor in bringing new products to market in medical, industrial and consumer device industries. Achieving designs for next generation fuel injectors, coronary stents, and display glass requires precision beyond what is possible using traditional electronic discharge machining (EDM) manufacturing equipment, says manufacturing equipment analyst Dedalus Consulting, which studied the global EDM market and assessed the advantages and disadvantages of EDM machining.

Raydiance has developed an industrial grade femtosecond laser and developed a system specifically designed to machine hard metals. The Raydiance R-Drill uses ultrafast femtosecond (one quadrillionth of a second) pulses of light that precisely remove material without physical contact and without generating heat. Heatless machining means parts can be created in a single step — with no thermal damage and no post processing needed to finish the part.

The Raydiance R-Drill solution is replacing EDM as well as other laser micromachining systems in multiple industries. The system can be configured to drill precise geometries and tolerances with superior surface quality — accelerating part production and eliminating rework — enabling new designs and improving the economics of precision manufacturing.

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