Infrared Laser Interferometers

At-wavelength metrology for demanding IR testing applications.

Optical imaging applications are broad and varied. Testing at a system's design wavelength is critical for final alignment and qualification, Night vision, IR and thermal imaging systems for aerospace and defense, lithography subsystems, remote sensing telescopes, and exotic material qualification represent broadly-varying wavelength requirements, and all benefit from testing at design wavelength with an infrared interferometer system.

ZYGO, long recognized as the world leader in interferometric testing instruments, has designed and built many specially-equipped interferometer systems, including NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR wavelengths. ZYGO also designs and manufactures an array of reference optics (transmission spheres and transmission flats) for these wavelengths.

Confident Metrology for a Dynamic World
In addition to specific wavelength requirements, many optical testing applications must be conducted in difficult environments where vibration and air turbulence are extreme. These environmental effects can make precision metrology difficult or impossible. ZYGO has developed unique acquisition technologies that enable confident metrology in these demanding environments, and are available on all NIR, SWIR and MWIR interferometers.

QPSI™ Vibration Tolerant Interferometry eliminates ripple in phase data caused by small vibrations in a cavity, while maintaining a high-precision on-axis measurement configuration. ZYGO's proprietary QPSI data acquisition is enabled by patented software algorithms – no other vibration tolerant acquisition technique compares.

DynaPhase® Vibration Insensitive Interferometry freezes vibration and air turbulence, enabling metrology in extreme environments. Patented in-situ calibration ensures precision and confidence in metrology that can't be matched.

The following table lists the various wavelengths that are currently available for ZYGO interferometers. For more information about these systems, or if you need to test at a wavelength other than those shown below, please use the form below or contact your local ZYGO sales representative for assistance.

Wavelength Application
1.053 μm Laser fusion and high-energy laser research
1.064 μm Solid-state lasers, night vision imaging systems for aerospace and defense
1.55 μm Optical telecom systems
3.39 μm Thermal imaging systems for aerospace and defense, industrial gas detection systems
10.6 μm Lithography sub-system testing, Thermal imaging systems for aerospace and defense
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