Verifire™ MST Laser Interferometer for Simultaneous Multi-Surface Testing

The Verifire™ MST Multiple Surface Test laser interferometer system provides high precision measurements of surface form and transmitted wavefront of optical components and lens systems. It is the only commercial interferometer system that can measure multiple surfaces – with a single measurement.

Other important capabilities include measurement of optical material homogeneity and total thickness variation (TTV), and measurement of plano glass thinner than 1 mm. The system is available in 1.064 µm, 1.053 µm and 1.55 µm wavelengths, in addition to the standard 633 nm wavelength, for qualification of near-IR and short-wave-IR materials and systems.

Differentiating Technology
The Verifire™ MST interferometer employs innovative and differentiating technology, including ZYGO's patented Fourier Transform Phase Shifting Interferometry (FTPSI) and wavelength-shifting technology. These technologies set it apart from all others, making it well-suited for the most challenging applications, such as the measurement of plane-parallel optical components where multiple reflections often confuse traditional phase-shifting interferometers.

Measure Multiple Surfaces with a Single Measurement
The Verifire MST system's differentiating technology enables you to confidently measure the front and back surfaces of an optic, the internal cavity, and thickness variation – all in a single measurement. No special calibration, part set-up, or surface preparation is needed. All data is automatically collected and analyzed by ZYGO's user-friendly Mx™ software, which provides detailed analysis of any or all of the surfaces measured.

Artifact Suppression
Artifacts can present challenges and negatively affect measurement results. With our patented FTPSI technology, artifacts are naturally suppressed, eliminating the need for an extended source, providing you with a simple and cost-effective solution for high precision metrology.

Vibration Robust Metrology
Enable the DynaPhase® acquisition mode, and the instrument will effectively eliminate the effects of the vibration, providing you with reliable measurement data quickly, even in the most challenging and extreme environments. DynaPhase® technology is available as an option for the Verifire MST system, and is for use only with standard surface form and transmitted wavefront applications.
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