New Lasers Improve Glass Cutting Methods


The increasingly sophisticated use of glass for both structure and function is driving the use of lasers in superior glass cutting methods, particularly for thin displays. These laser-based processes provide higher precision, greater speed, shape flexibility (e.g., tight curves), reduced environmental impact, and lower overall cost.

This whitepaper explains how the recent availability of two new types of industrial laser – high power Ultrashort Pulsed (femtosecond and picosecond) and long-lived carbon monoxide (CO) lasers – further expands the process window. Specifically, we see how the new Monaco femtosecond laser series extends SmartCleave to mixed (e.g., laminates) substrates, such as polyimide on glass, and how the carbon monoxide (CO) laser now enables thermal separation of a wider range of glasses and production of tighter curves.