M. A. Metal adds MC Machinery Systems laser cutting machine

The laser system will allow M. A. Metal to cut thicker material and increase cutting speeds.

Metal stamping and forming company M. A. Metal (Edinburgh, IN) has purchased and installed an eX-CFR 4500 W CO2 laser machine from MC Machinery Systems (Elk Grove Village, IL) that will allow M. A. Metal to cut thicker material and increase cutting speeds.

The laser system features a 4500 W laser resonator to deliver a unique pulse for a sharper beam, cleaner parts, and 90% lower gas consumption. The laser also provides more powerful piercing and an eco-mode that reduces costs while the machine is running.

"The increased power and new features of the eX-CFR laser will help increase our capabilities and open up opportunities for more capacity; these are both essential components for our company growth," says Ronnie Burton, sales manager at M. A. Metal.

For more information, please visit www.mametal.com and www.mcmachinery.com.

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