Laser cutting produces components for steam-powered rocket bike

Malton Laser's engineers used laser cutting to cut a series of stainless steel parts for the bike's docking system.

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Full-service sheet metalwork manufacturer Malton Laser (Malton, England) has provided a series of stainless steel components for the Force of Nature steam-powered rocket bike created by motorsport and drag racing enthusiast Graham Sykes.

Five years in the making and built entirely in the UK, Sykes has developed Force of Nature in a bid to break both the world steam-powered vehicle record and world thrust motorcycle record. As a fellow motor racing enthusiast, Charles Corner, managing director at Malton Laser, was keen to be involved with the project and manufactured stainless steel components for the bike's charging dock.

The charging dock is where the Force of Nature bike will spend most of its time and will feature an automatic docking system, which will primarily be used to raise and lower the bike off the ground. Malton Laser's engineers used laser cutting to cut a series of stainless steel parts for the docking system with the Bystronic ByStar Fiber 3015 6 kW laser system.

In addition to the laser-cut parts, Malton Laser has implemented its fabrication and welding expertise to manufacture a number of the components that will form Force of Nature's charging dock.

Content Dam Ils Online Articles 2018 10 Malton Laser Web

Graham Sykes (left) and Charles Corner (right) with the Force of Nature.

"The charging dock is integral to the efficient running of the bike, so to be able to utilize our laser cutting, welding, and fabrication services to manufacture components for such an important part of Force of Nature is something we're really excited about," Corner says.

The name Force of Nature was chosen for the bike to reflect its green credentials. It will be powered using natural resources, namely water and biofuel made from vegetable oil.

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