Fiber laser maker SPI Lasers opens new facility in Shenzhen

SPI Lasers, which designs and manufactures fiber lasers, has opened a new sales/service/applications center in Shenzhen, China.

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SPI Lasers (Southampton, England), which designs and manufactures fiber lasers, has opened a new sales/service/applications center in Shenzhen, China. On November 9, 2018, the facility officially opened with an event aimed at showcasing the new site to managers and applications engineers during a morning of presentations and tours of the facility.

The application facility is fully equipped with 2 kW single-mode and 6 kW multimode continuous-wave laser sources, with scanner and fixed-head beam delivery options, as well as a full suite of pulsed lasers for use on three independent scanner-based workstations. The facility also has a metallographic preparation area, welding quality evaluation tools, and an optical microscopy suite, all suitable for completing a broad range of customer cases and investigations. Staffed by fiber laser experts, the new application, sales, and service center is fully focused on supporting the company's Chinese customers and fits into their developing growth strategy of putting the customer at the heart of their business.

SPI Lasers' new applications lab in Shenzhen awaits customer challenges.

"The facility has only been open a few months and already we are hosting regular weekly customer visits," comments Zack Huang, general manager of SPI China. "Having the facility in Shenzhen means that customers are more likely to drop in and engage with us, which is great for product development and insight. Feedback so far has been extremely positive—we are confident this investment will help us grow our business and improve our customer service in the region…"

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