Fume extraction specialist ULT opens U.S. branch

Air treatment and fume extraction technology specialist ULT has opened a U.S. subsidiary headquartered in Mequon, WI.

Air treatment and fume extraction technology specialist ULT (Löbau, Germany) has opened a U.S. subsidiary headquartered in Mequon, WI and headed by Wolfgang Köhler, who takes strategic and operational care of the North American market's development and expansion.

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The company's operational focus is placed on air purification solutions for several industries and applications. In addition to providing soldering and welding fume extraction technology, systems for laser fume extraction, dust collection, or filtration of gases, vapors, and odors will also support American companies to protect their values in the form of employees, machines, and products.

"The North American market is essential for our company's global growth," Köhler, director of ULT LLC, explains. "There are strict regulations on occupational health and safety, particularly regarding air pollution control. That means a continuously increasing demand for air treatment systems to guarantee process safety within the producing industry. We are sure that our worldwide-utilized fume extraction solutions will meet the demands of our U.S. customers, as they look for highly efficient, energy-saving, and low-noise systems."

For more information, please visit www.ult-usa.com.

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