IMT installs new laser cutting system

The construction equipment maker has installed a new laser cutting machine as part of an initiative to improve efficiency.

Construction equipment maker Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT; Garner, IA) has installed a new laser cutting machine as part of an initiative to improve efficiency.

With a much-faster cutting speed than the company's previous machine, the new equipment will cut steel for all of the IMT product lines, including its portfolio of Dominator service trucks and articulating and telescopic cranes. The laser cutter was selected as part of an effort to improve the first operation as a whole, including ergonomics, visual management, and material handling strategies as well as the overall operations layout.

Installing the new laser eliminates previous maintenance issues with the old technology, in turn eliminating downtime. Implementing the new laser technology will have a ripple effect on productivity across the company, further improving dependability, throughput, and overall efficiency throughout the company.

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