Kolon Industries adds three laser cutters to increase global sales

Laser cutting technology company Lectra is supporting Kolon Industries in its bid to capture a larger share of the growing airbag markets.

Laser cutting technology solutions company Lectra (Bordeaux-Cestas, France), which is dedicated to industries using fabrics, is supporting Kolon Industries (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) in its bid to capture a larger share of the growing cut-and-sew and one-piece woven (OPW) airbag markets with the implementation of its FocusQuantum laser cutting solutions at two key manufacturing plants in Asia.

The chemical business unit of Kolon Industries is expanding its presence in the global airbag market by acquiring three laser airbag cutting solutions: one for cut-and-sew fabric for its brand-new facility in Bình Du'o'ng Province, Vietnam, and two for OPW fabric at an existing site in Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.

The new facility in Vietnam and the expanded manufacturing capacity in Korea will considerably augment the division's worldwide airbag activity, which also comprises operations in China and Mexico.

"We aim to double our global airbag sales by 2020," explains Yeong Moo Choi, chief division officer at Kolon Industries. "The substantial increase in capacity enabled by FocusQuantum will allow us to grow our business in the thriving airbag industry."

Kolon Industries' airbag business is equipped with an installed base of more than 20 Lectra Focus airbag cutters across multiple plants in Asia and North America. After evaluating various alternatives, Kolon Industries adopted Lectra's FocusQuantum cutting preparation software and value-added professional services.

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