SME launches laser cutting certificate program

September 10, 2007--The first-of-its-kind program will take place at the FABTECH Int'l & AWS Welding show

September 10--The SME's Industrial Laser Community (ILC) has developed a laser cutting certificate program that builds on fundamental knowledge of CNC operations and part design for CO2 laser cutting. The information will be applied in a uniquely designed interactive and hands-on demonstration optimizing the operation of a CNC laser cutting machine. Safety and ISO standards will be included in the program, and each attendee will learn how to work in compliance with the parameters of CNC laser cuting machines and demonstrate proficiency.

The certificate program, endorsed by Industrial Laser Solutions and major OEM leaders such as Amada, Bystronic, Mazak Optonics Corp., Mitsubishi Laser, TRUMPF, Harris Specialty Gas, Linde, and the American Iron , was developed to address the industry need for skilled labor technicians. A recent SME survey found that companies are in high demand of a workforce with practical laser experience, which currently doesn't exist. The program addresses this need and provides documentation of knowledge gained th rough pre- and post-program assessments.

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