CeTaQ announces MCA testing for lasers in medical, biomedical device manufacturing

January 9--CeTaQ Americas' Machine Capability Analysis (MCA) testing is applicable to laser systems

January 9--CeTaQ's Machine Capability Analysis (MCA) testing is applicable to laser systems. The test methodology measures the width of the laser cut as well as beam size and consistency, comparing the actual result with the programmed pattern and process settings. The test method is applicable to lasers used in such processes as cutting, welding, and scribing, stencil cutting. laser marking (such as matrix labeling), and other applicatons such as drilling. All types of lasers, including UV (excimer and DPSS) can be evaluated.

In laser processing, typically the laser head is stationary, and the product is moved under the beam via high-precision air bearing stages. CeTaQ's test methodology verifies the X-Y accuracy of these stages and the motion control system, which is critical to such processing. MCA testing is a third-party, objective evaluation methodology in which special vision algorithms, highly accurate glass plates, and components are utilized for independent measurement of Cp and Cpk indices on production equipment. The laser system verification process uses a transparent heat-sensitive film in conjunction with CeTaQ's highly accurate glass plate measurement system.

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