2D laser cutting system

Mazak's HyperGear 612 laser cutting system integrates intelligent automation features with superior cutting speeds

Mazak Optonics Corp. introduces the HyperGear 612 2D laser cutting system. It has been specifically designed to integrate "intelligent" automation features with superior cutting speeds to assist in implementing the efficiencies of Lean Manufacturing initiatives while improving throughput. This HyperLean manufacturing technology includes design features that accelerate the cutting process while at the same time maximizing beam on time.

The HyperGear 612 offers an automated torch changer, automated nozzle changer, CCD camera based nozzle damage analysis, automated lens analysis, focal point measurement and adjustment all as fully automated processes to maintain optimal cutting conditions and improve real productivity while lowering the cost of labor by 20% and more. The New Preview II control has applied patented CNC features to anticipate corners and adapt cutting parameters to maintain tolerances. It utilizes elliptical movements and other intelligent functions to deliver the fastest part production in the industry. The new control combined with linear drives allows the HyperGear to cut at unmatched speeds with 3G of acceleration, yet with the precision to maintain corner integrity, tight dimensional accuracy and roundness on contours. The unique air-cooled linear motors and stainless sealed protection covers eliminate the need for costly chillers or bellows. As a result, the HyperGear 612 enhances any operator's efficiency and customers can experience improved cash flow by processing more parts per working day.

Mazak has pioneered the use of automatic loading and Flexible Manufacturing Systems for laser fabricating applications, enabling around the clock productivity. Adding FMS capabilities to the HyperGear combines the efficiencies of Hyper technology to all of the benefits of automated setup, valued-added process integration from multiple laser cutting machines along with automated raw material loading and the subsequent unloading. It also sorts cut parts from scrap skeletons.
The Mazak HyperGear 612 is available in 2,500W and 4,000W configurations that can process from the thinnest steel up to 1" mild steel. The HyperGear 612 offers a 79" x 158" (2000 x 4000 mm) bed. A smaller 510 model is also available with a 60" x 120" (1525 x 3050 mm) bed. Automated material handling equipment designed for the efficient production processing of sheet metal and plate helps increase throughput.

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