Laser cutting system

The High Brilliance Laser Cutting systems can cut efficiently carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Cy Laser LLC (Chicago, IL) sole distributor of Italian Cy Laser High Brilliance Laser Cutting Systems, has introduced its 2D product line for the North American market. The machines can cut efficiently carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Cy Laser systems have been designed with the objective of optimizing machine structure elements and equipment operation modes making the overall use of the equipment practical and simple for the user.

The equipment utilizes the newest fiber optic technology laser generators. The generators (made in USA) are extremely compact, do not use any laser gases, and run 100,000 hours before any maintenance
is required. Chilling requirements for the generators are minimal and only need a very small chiller unit.

The laser beam delivery is carried out by a fiber optic cable measuring less than 1 mm in diameter. No optic banks are required (no lenses, no mirrors) and consequently no beam centering operations are necessary. Automatic focusing is accomplished by capacitive sensors located on the cutting head, through one single lens. The beam diameter measures 0.06 mm, hence offering reduced kerf and high beam concentration resulting in a very efficient cutting capability.

The frame structure of Cy Laser machines is robust and features an "airplane structure." The accuracy of the system is derived from the top steel member (X axes) of the steel weldment and is completely independent from floor conditions. The cross member (Y axes) is mounted onto the top member by means of four high-precision running blocks and precision linear ways. The cutting head assembly (Z axes) is mounted onto the cross member by means of high precision linear units and offers a 300mm travel. Standard machines are offered with integrated pallet changers for uptime and ease of

Alternatively, Cy Laser offers automation suitable for "light out" operations. Cy Laser product line includes standard table sizes of:

1500 x 3000 mm
2000 x 4000 mm
2000 x 6000 mm

The 2000 x 6000 model can optionally be fitted with pipe cutting capabilities. In this area Cy Laser has perfected a very innovative system that provides the users with the greatest flexibility and efficiency. The optional 13 axis capability requires no change over time from flat to pipe cutting. Pipe up to 200mm in diameters and 8000 mm in length, can be processed in a very space efficient area in the rear of the cutting system. Not only the pipe can be rotated while supported by two controlled steady rests, but it can be indexed as necessary. The cutting head can be utilized also in between the steady rests and is continually followed by a moving support that guarantees cutting accuracy and compensates for pipe geometry inconsistencies, synchronized with the cutting head.

Thanks to the very high efficiency of fiber optic generators and the system design, power dispersion is
such that even 6000 mm away from the generator, the cut can be performed with the same efficiency, speed, and accuracy. No cutting head change over is required at any time.

Cy Laser systems are offered complete with a software package that enables the user to independently operate the equipment, machine side via a supplied laptop computer, or remotely via Ethernet. The software package is complete with a nesting software CAD/CAM compatible. It allows also to import or easily design components through a very intuitive menu. The software is Windows based. The pipe cutting option includes an advanced 3D package suitable for importing or designing components as well as graphically manipulate and verify clearances on the machine prior to starting the cutting cycles. Machine kinematics are designed for high accuracy of cutting head positioning. Rack and pinion assemblies are utilized for all axis coupled with zero‐backlash gear reducers and powered by servomotors.

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