Software finds hidden laser cutting capacity

Scheduler software brings lean manufacturing efficiencies to standalone lasers with automatic part nesting and job prioritizing

New Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) Scheduler software identifies excess capacity on standalone laser cutting systems, and automatically nests parts for optimum material usage and job turnaround. Applying lean manufacturing principles, the software uses a database of all active part files and prioritizes nesting by part due date. Future-delivery parts are brought in to optimize nests, filling gaps and utilizing excess machine and material capacity.

Scheduler software takes information entered by the operator, including order requirements, part numbers, due dates and quantities, and generates a job schedule in calendar format, similar to the interface used in Microsoft Outlook. The software also identifies parts for which on-time delivery may be a problem, allowing schedule adjustments to meet delivery deadlines.

Designed to work with Cincinnati Laser Programming & Nesting software, Scheduler uses a color-coding system to group jobs with similar lens/nozzle set-ups to facilitate unattended operation. The Programming and Nesting software maximizes productivity for all Cincinnati's laser cutting systems.

Scheduler software also integrates with Cincinnati's Modular Material Handling System (MMHS) to receive job completion information and automatically track material inventory. Multiple shifts, lunch breaks, and maintenance requirements can be accommodated via the Scheduler software. Cincinnati Incorporated provides online training and support options for the software.

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