Sliver of light XV: Redundancy prompts a lifestyle change

New company optimistic about business with purchase of laser cutting system

Stone, UK – Graeme Brown writes a "feel good" piece for the Birmingham Post that details the story of two employees laid off last November from a local manufacturing firm, who took their severance pay, matched it with their life savings, and started a new venture X-Cel Profiles in the same Staffordshire town.

Rather than wallow in pity the two attended a redundancy workshop sponsored by Business Link West Midlands, which gave them the necessary grounding in finances that encouraged them to undertake a dream to start and manage their own business.

Denise Meadows and David Roberts purchased a laser cutting system capable of processing steel up to 20mm thick. With this they plan to carry out fabrication work and will soon add welding to their offerings.

Denise who has been in manufacturing for five years says, "I am extremely optimistic about the future despite all the prevailing gloom and doom." She continues, "We are confident we have a great business and many good contacts. We're determined to be successful."

ILS wishes them well and wonders why the most recent Slivers of Light items have all originated from the UK. Surely here in the U.S. there are equivalent stories. Let us know.

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