Rotary converting platform

New rotary converting platform combines Preco's die cutting and laser expertise

Web converters and manufacturers who produce multi-layer construction packaging, parts, and components for the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, label, automotive, electronic display, and RFID markets may want to consider Preco's (Somerset, WI; recently developed Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) series.

The RCP is a continuous process-step-independent, servo-driven system where each rotary station is electronically geared to allow adjustments for optimizing tension as well as making registration correction at every processing point. Converters and manufacturers will appreciate how quick and easy it is to make very precise web-to-die registration changes as well as die-to-die synchronizations. Preco's direct drive gearing into the RCP ensures greater die cutting accuracy by reducing the potential for backlash or swathing in the gearing.

Easily customized to fit unique processing needs, Preco's RCP systems are modular for maximum flexibility in registered web converting. They can accommodate web widths from 7 in to 20 in and multiple processes including metal to metal and registered rotary die cutting, kiss cutting, top/bottom cutting, laminating, embossing, continuous laser cutting, and island placement.

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