Fiber laser cutting head

Precitec's new LightCutter cutting head for 200 W - 2 kW flatbed laser systems can cut 5mm stainless/aluminum and 10 mm mild steel.

Precitec Lightcutter 1 300height B
Precitec KG, Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels, Germany, has debuted a new laser cutting head for flatbed (200 W - 2 kW) laser systems. The LightCutter cuts thin to medium-thick materials, up to 5 mm for stainless and aluminum (with fusion cutting) and up to 10 mm for mild steel (with oxide cutting). The company's Lasermatic unit ensures constant distance between nozzle and material at all operating temperatures, even at high processing speeds. A replaceable cutting- and pressure-resistant protective window seals and protects the LightCutter from impurities in the cutting gas, and treated purging air in the collimator shields against process dust and particles. Highest-quality quartz lenses ensure a stable focal position, which can be set both laterally and vertically from the outside. The LightCutter, which debuted at this year's Lamiera event in Italy (May 9-12, 2012), is designed to be integrated into small and medium-sized, inexpensive flatbed cutting machines. It also can be installed in special machines with limited space, e.g., trimming strip material in a continuous operation, or as an additional processing step in machining centers.
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