LASYS 2012 featuring future trends, made by laser

Laser material processing is uniquely suited to meet future trends in mobility, energy, communication, health, and the environment -- and examples from each application will be featured at the LASYS event June 12-14 in Germany.

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Stuttgart, Germany -- Few technologies are as suitable for meeting future trends in mobility, energy, communication, health, and the environment as laser material processing. At LASYS, June 12-14 at Messe Stuttgart, a special show "Future trends: made by laser" offers a platform precisely for these applications.

Exhibitors will demonstrate the diverse possibilities of using lasers in these areas on all three trade fair days. A few examples being shown:

  • Environment: The Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (ISFW) at Universität Stuttgart will present laser-drilled spinnerets with ultra-fine microfibers, which can be produced using this nozzle. The direct spinning of super microfibers makes possible elementary progress by environment-friendly processing taking into consideration environmental aspects.
  • Communication: Lumera Laser GmbH will exhibit hardened glass which used in mobile phones with a laser process developed to cut this glass which is hardened using a special chemical process. Meanwhile, SEI Deutschland GmbH will showcase a complete package of laser systems and backlighting software, thus a screen of acrylic glass with laser technology for creating panel lights.
  • Mobility: Weil engineering GmbH will be demonstrating how its laser products can help cope with the challenges on the future trend of mobility. For example, laser-supported production lines for pressure tanks and a multi-station welding system for the production of exhaust gas heat exchangers components are elements of the special show. Another display from Trumpf Laser und Systemtechnik GmbH will present an E-bike with battery components which were processed with laser.
  • Energy: NeoLASE GmbH will show how the energy-efficient welding of copper and various copper components is made possible with their laser module. And Manz AG will present a thin-layer panel from the area of photovoltaics, in which molding and writing can be effected using laser technology.
  • Health: Rofin-Baasel Lasertech GmbH & Co. KG will show an enlarged model of a laser-cut stent from medical technology. Another attraction will be a demonstration of the application for vaccine production for the pharmaceutical industry -- hens' eggs opened using laser by Laservorm GmbH.

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(image via LASYS 2012)

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