Customizable labeling film for laser components, housings

A new variant of Schreiner ProTech's color laser film (CLF) offers flexibility in designing and covering components and housings.

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Schreiner ProTech, Oberschleißheim, Germany, has released a new variant of its color laser film (CLF) for covering components and housings.

The new "dimensionally stable and robust" specialty film offers flexibility in designing housing covers with a single material, in various sizes with optional cut-outs and marked with different types of information. Two different laser systems integrated into a single line are used in laser cutting and laser marking: an Nd:YAG laser marks the CLF, and a synchronized CO2 laser cuts the film into the desired shape and size at speeds up to 200 cm/s. Different batch sizes of housing covers can be produced in a single pass. Thus the product reduces the number of variants and excessive inventory levels of specific covers, the company notes.

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