CO2 laser optics for cutting plastics

New CO2 optics from Laser Research Optics offer drop-in replacements for low-power lasers used in plastics cutting applications.

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Laser Research Optics, Providence, RI, is unveiling a new line of CO2 replacement optics for low-power lasers used in a variety of plastics cutting applications.

The new OEM and ISO-10110 compatible lenses and mirrors for plastic laser cutting, optimized for use at 10.6 μm, are drop-in field replacements for popular lasers used for cutting and engraving plastics, including Epilog, Kern, Trotec, and Universal. Laser cutting applications include plastic tubing, PVC pipe, composite flooring, and related products. The CO2 lenses are available in sizes from 0.5-1.0 in. and 1-5 in. focal lengths, with A/R coated with dual-band coatings available to aid in system alignment. The laser mirrors are made from silicon, copper, and molybdenum, available in thicknesses from 0.5 in. to 10 mm.

Delivery is from stock within 24 hours, with pricing dependent upon type, configuration, and quantity.

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