Spectralytics opens new facility for micro laser processing services

Laser micro-processing contract manufacturer Spectralytics has opened a new facility in Minnesota.

Dassel, Minnesota -- Spectralytics, a contract manufacturing company providing laser micro-processing services supporting the medical device community, is expanding its production capacity and capabilities by adding a new facility in Dassel, MN. The move is part of a continuing effort to respond to a steady and strong growth in polymer processing.

Phase 1 of the expansion has already started with polymer machining services moved into the 62,500 square-foot facility. The company is planning to increase polymer machine capacity by over 40 percent over the next few months.

Phase 2 will proceed through 2013 and include moving the metal cutting and welding laser workstations enabling a capacity increase in hypotube cutting and welding. This also includes moving the clean room assembly and secondary services for heat shrinking, lining of hypotubing, and vacuum annealing.

Spectralytics provides laser solutions to customers worldwide, across many industries with a primary focus on the medical device community. The company offers laser processing and assembly services in metals, polymers and composites for hypotubing, stents and other medical device components.

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