Robotic laser cutting software

Two software add-ons to ABB Robotics' Robot Studio 3D simulation tool make robotic laser cutting more accurate, flexible, and easier to use.

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ABB Robotics, Zurich, Switzerland, has released two new software tools to make robotic laser cutting more accurate, flexible, and easier to use.

Using robotics for laser cutting vs. traditional five-axis laser cutting machines offer cost benefits, resulting in a 35% lower capital investment, depending on customer requirements, ABB claims. In some instances laser cutting using robots can eliminate one or more manufacturing operations such as in-line cutting of hot stamped parts.

Robotic Cutting PowerPac, an add-in to ABB's RobotStudio 3D simulation tool, is specifically designed to let users generate and modify laser cutting programs based on part geometry & CAD models. It supports simulation & optimization of cutting programs, set up of interface signals, and management of cutting process data.

RobotWare Cutting, a robot controller add-in for tuning, calibration, equipment integration and program generation of complex paths and shapes, is compatible with most common laser cutting equipment brands, the company says. Users can switch automatically and rapidly between different product series via intuitive graphical user interface, opening up the possibility for fully flexible production. Advanced "iterative learning control" algorithms enable a laser cutting robot to continually improve its cutting performance and accuracy, according to the company.

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