Laser diode driver

Wavelength Electronics' redesigned PLD10000 laser diode driver targets fiber laser pumping, materials processing, and industrial welding and cutting applications.

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Wavelength Electronics, Bozeman, MT, has redesigned its laser diode driver used in fiber laser pumping and for materials processing and industrial welding and cutting applications.

The PLD10000 now has a new compact heatsink and fan shroud, and improved internal heat dissipation capability. The driver is capable of driving lasers with up to 10.0 A and compliance voltage up to 27.5 V. It can operate from a single 5 V power supply, or to accommodate high compliance lasers driven from a separate power supply up to 30 V. It can operate in constant current mode for highly stable optical output, or with a photodiode feedback loop. Two photodiode ranges provide variable sensitivities for optimum operation, and excellent output stability (<200 ppm) is maintained whether operating in constant current or constant power mode. Built-in safety features include latching current limit, slow start circuit, and a mechanical shorting relay.

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