5-axis fiber laser cutting system

NTC America Laser Group's TLH Series of IPG fiber laser 5-axis, 3D laser cutting systems from NTC America-Laser Group target ultrahigh-speed processing for hot stamping and other applications.

NTC America Laser Group's TLH Series 65-axis 3D fiber laser cutting system.
NTC America Laser Group's TLH Series 65-axis 3D fiber laser cutting system.

NTC America Laser Group, Novi, MI, has introduced the TLH Series 65-axis 3D fiber laser processing machine. The systems (in 2 kW, 3 kW, and 4 kW versions, all using IPG fiber lasers) are ideal for hot stamping operations, and any production application requiring high-speed cutting of thin-gage mild steel, aluminum, or stainless steel (materials less than 3/8-in. thick).

The TLH Series was developed to provide high-productivity performance in cutting complex parts, generate intricate beam paths, and adapt laser parameters to various cutting requirements. The systems provide X/Y/Z axis travel up to 177/45/20 in.(4500/1150/500 mm) respectively, with positioning and cutting accuracy of 0.0015/19.68-in. (0.04/500 mm). A controllable optical head offers ±720° on the C axis and rotation of ±135° on the A axis. The systems' cantilever-style construction, combined with AC servo motor drives, ball screw feeds and linear ball guide mechanisms, provide movement tolerances of ±0.0019 in. per 19.6 in. of travel distance (±0.05 mm per 500 mm).

The Windows-based system incorporates non-contact gap sensor, controllable optical head angles, and operator friendly joystick and hand-held pendant. The Two integral pallet changers or a large indexing table (up to 114 in.) can increase flexibility and production. A "teach mode" allows for settings for on/off laser beam, pulse rate, laser power, cutting speed, and other settings.

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