Material cooling option for 2D laser cutting

Trumpf's CoolLine implements a water mist to cool material at the workpiece as it is laser-cut, allowing flexibility in laser processing contours and improving material utilization.

Trumpf's CoolLine
Trumpf's CoolLine

Trumpf, Farmington, CT, has introduced a new option for its 2D laser cutting machines that implements a water mist to cool material as it is laser-cut, resulting in greater flexibility in laser processing contours and better material utilization.

CoolLine is integrated into the cutting process with a specially designed laser cutting head, varying nozzles, and a water supply thank. The CoolLine nozzle directs a water mist around the laser beam at the workpiece, reducing heat transferred in the cutting zone. The result is higher-quality cuts with smaller contours or greater complexity such as small sidewalls and difficult geometries, especially in thick material. It also achieves what the company calls "a considerable increase in process reliability" when laser-processing low-grade material or material of varying composition.

Moreover, preventing the material from overheating enables parts to be nested more closely together, reducing the amount of raw material between parts so more can be processed on the same sheet, reducing scrap and increasing material utilization.

Trumpf Coolline 450width

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