Trumpf to supply disk lasers to BMW for auto welding, machining

BMW has ordered 14 Trumpf disk lasers for a variety of applications in automotive manufacturing, from conventional laser welding to robot-assisted remote machining.

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Ditzingen, Germany -- Trumpf has received an order for 14 disk lasers from the BMW Group. The TruDisk laser units will incorporate a variety of different beam qualifies for different applications, from conventional laser welding to robot-assisted remote machining. Shipments are slated to begin in October.

The automotive sector has long been a key end-market for industrial lasers, with several thousand units installed for a variety of cutting, welding, and processing operations.

Within that market, disk lasers have become an established process technology in a variety of automotive manufacturing -- remote welding of door panels and seat structures, for example. Trumpf recently opened a new disk laser production facility in Japan as a third manufacturing site in addition to its German and US plants. (Japanese suppliers are also exploring capabilities of fiber lasers for some work, e.g. welding diesel injectors and airbag initiators.)

For its part, Trumpf says its disk lasers offer flexibility and scalability for soldering, welding, and remote machining operations. Operation of a laser network means if a laser source fails, the work is picked up by another one without additional set-up times or impacting productivity of the welding operation.

(Image of Trumpf TruDisk laser via Trumpf Group)

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