Laser cutting system with touchscreen

LVD Group's Orion 3015 Plus CO2 laser cutting system now comes with a touchscreen graphical user interface to improve machine setup and ease-of-use.

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LVD Group, Akron, NY, has added a 19-in. touchscreen graphical user interface to its Orion 3015 Plus CO2 laser cutting system to improve machine setup and ease-of-use.

The Orion 3015 process a range of materials in sheet sizes up to 1500 × ;3000 mm. The hybrid style system now features the company's Touch-L technology, which uses intuitive icons and visual indicators for display and control functions, allowing both routine and complex operations to be quickly and efficiently completed with minimal operator input, making it ideal for entry-level users.

The laser cutting system incorporates a Fanuc RF excited fast axial flow CO2 laser; CNC control, drives, and motors are also fully integrated. Features include automatic cutting gas selection, automatic focal positioning, and automatic cutting gas pressure control with servo valve, and automatic nesting and job generation. Users can easily change cutting qualities, position and type of lead-in, and add or relocate micro joints for all online generated jobs. Process Control, a standard feature, automatically senses piercing times and detects and controls plasma when cutting stainless steel and aluminum, to maximize processing time and minimize part damage due to loss of cut.

Automation options are also available; the laser cutting system can be equipped or retrofitted with an automatic load/unload unit or a Compact Tower (CT-L) warehouse system.

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