Academy links fabricators with equipment suppliers

A two day event will link fabricators with equipment suppliers.

Cincinnati, OH -SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, a global leader in CAD/CAM nesting solutions will sponsor the SigmaTEK Academy 2012 to be held at their global headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 1-2, 2012. This event is provided at no cost to attendees and will showcase current and future material cutting tools and technologies for laser, plasma, waterjet, punch, CAD/CAM nesting and related technologies. Users of laser systems for sheet metal cutting, especially the new fiber lasers, will find this event of great interest. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet with and witness presentations and demonstrations from OEM machinery and software industry leaders.

“SigmaTEK Academy offers a unique opportunity for fabricators of all types and sizes to gain first-hand insight into the tools, technologies, and best practices directly impacting their job, company, and industry,” explained SigmaTEK President & CEO, Ben TerreBlanche. “Whether you are a shop floor fabricator, cutting-tool programmer, manufacturing manager, or business owner, this event provides a valuable forum between cutting-tool equipment manufacturers, software system providers, and those charged with implementing these tools to increase throughput and productivity while maximizing machine run-time and material usage. We, along with our sponsors and partners, look forward to meeting attendees and sharing information that will directly and significantly impact the fabrication industry in the months and years ahead.”

Sessions are organized as follows: May 1 - Laser & Punch, May 2 - Plasma & Waterjet. Attendees are invited to participate in any or all of the two day event. Lunch and refreshments are provided at no cost.

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