Laser processing workstation

IMRA America Inc. introduced its MUSASHI laser processing workstation for apps such as cutting and drilling at SPIE Photonics West 2014.

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Ann Arbor, MI – IMRA, since releasing its first commercial femtosecond fiber laser in 1995, has long been at the forefront of adapting femtosecond lasers for industrial applications. Today, IMRA has hundreds of femtosecond lasers deployed in industrial manufacturing sites across the world.

Following years of successful integration of IMRA’s femtosecond lasers in industrial manufacturing environments, the introduction of MUSASHI serves as IMRA’s commitment to providing full laser processing solutions, closing the gap between the laser source and the laser application.

Based on IMRA’s proprietary laser technology and material processing technology, MUSASHI is a uniquely capable system, offering solutions for industrial applications such as cutting, drilling, and welding for both transparent and non-transparent materials – all while achieving speeds higher than conventional ultrafast material processing.

SmartBlade MUSASHI and SmartWeld MUSASHI, machines optimized for cutting and welding, respectively, were also to be introduced at the show.

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