Laser die cut success drives Insignia past 50 million signs

Insignia has surpassed 50 million signs as part of its point-of-purchase services program that allows shape customization of each sign.

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Minneapolis, MN - Insignia Systems Inc. has surpassed 50 million signs as part of its Insignia Point-of-Purchase Services (POPS) program that addresses the needs of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers as well as trends in the industry.

In December of 2011, Insignia launched a laser die cut finishing system that allows for more unique and compelling cutting capabilities, as well as shape customization of each sign. This die cut technology produces signage that easily adapts to the changing needs of the industry and has fueled an increase in sign counts.

Insignia believes that the customization and adaptability will allow it to meet and exceed the needs of its clients in the future and continue the course of growth and innovation it has undertaken in the past two years.

Insignia Systems Inc. is a developer and marketer of in-store advertising products, programs and services to retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. Through its POPS business, Insignia provides at-shelf advertising products in more than 13,500 chain retail supermarkets, more than 1900 mass merchants and more than 7000 dollar stores. Through the nationwide POPS network, more than 200 major consumer goods manufacturers, including General Mills, Kellogg Company, Kraft Foods and Nestlé, have taken their brand messages to the POP.

(Photo courtesy Insignia Systems Inc.)

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