Ohio Laser adds precision laser cutting services

The laser cutting company has begun operating a 6000W system

Ohio Laser LLc has recently installed new advanced laser cutting technology. The company now operates a 6000W TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 system that can cut carbon steel to 1 inch, stainless steel to 1 inch, and aluminum to 5/8 inch. It offers precision laser cutting services with super-fast axially parallel speeds of up to 7874 inches per minute and simultaneous speeds of up to 1181 inches per minute.

The system makes industrial lasera cutting of metal possible using sheets up to 80 x 160 inches that weigh as much as 3969 pounds, allowing for the production of longer and wider parts.

A further advantage of Ohio Laser's new laser system is the fact that it permits automated self-loading and unloading, which reduces production times and costs, and greatly improves productivity. According to the company, multi-national manufacturers trust Ohio Laser because of its expertise processing flat laser cuts parts that consistently achieve high quality control standards in repetitive processing environments.

Ohio Laser LLC provides laser cutting services and high tech fabrication solutions for leaders of the medical devices, automotive, construction equipment, medium and heavy truck, material handling, and aerospace industries.

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